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The Grove

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Chilliwack’s Best Salon & Day Spa

From your head to your toes, The Grove Salon and Spa specialize in beauty.

When you walk into The Grove we want you to feel at home, feel comfortable, and leave everything else behind.  We believe in enhancing natural beauty, all while using stellar products. #AVEDA

The Grove family work within the philosophy of Healthy Hair and Healthy Skin.



Head to Toe Salon & Spa

The Grove Salon and Spa are your full-service beauty bar located in beautiful Chillwack. We make sure you leave feeling fresh and pretty from the inside out with perfect hair, skin, nails, and lashes. We promise to bring you the total salon experience.

We take pride in spending time with each guest. Ensuring the experience is relaxing and soothing. We always aim to make sure you feel like the friend you are.

Come enjoy a tea* We Happily Serve AVEDA tea every day




The Grove is a full service beauty salon and spa with a wide offering of hair, face, skin, and beauty treatments. From Deep Conditioning the hair to Deep Conditioning the skin. See our Service Lists for Everything The Grove has to offer.


Explore Your Natural Beauty


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