About Our Lash Extensions

We can customize any lash extension look to suit your style.  From cat eye, doll eye, open eye, to natural styles, we have got your lashes covered.

Before we book any full lash set appointment, we ask each guest to schedule a patch test. This is to ensure there are no sensitivities or allergies to the lash extensions. During the patch test, we add ten lashes per eye, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes. 

*We only use Canadian products when it comes to lash extensions to ensure quality. 


Natural Set

$120 • 90 MINUTES

Get that all natural look with these classic eyelash extensions.  For this set, each lash extension is added to every natural lash, giving your lashes a fuller and natural look. We promise no one will be able to tell they aren't real.

2 week Natural Fill  45 minutes  •  $48

3 week Natural Fill  60 minutes  •  $58

4 week Natural Fill  75 minutes  •  $68


Glam Lash Set

$180 • 2.5 HOURS

The Glam Lash Set gives you a volume and glamorous look. We take lightweight lash extensions to create a lash fan of 2-6 extensions by hand. Each fan is placed on a natural lash. We only use lightweight lashes to ensure there is no damage to your natural lash. 

The Glam Lash Set will give your eyes that wow factor with full and fluffy lashes. 

2 week Glam Fill  60 minutes  • $58

3 week Glam Fill  75 minutes  • $68

4 week Glam Fill  90 minutes  • $78


Ready to Get Fluttering Beautiful Lashes?

Any fill appointments done after 4 weeks is considered a new set. Coming to a lash fill appointment with less than 40% of your extensions left is also considered a full set.