Manicures & Pedicures Services

Get pampered and freshen up your hands and feet! 

At The Grove, we offer several types of manicures and pedicures depending on your needs. From a mini pedicure and manicure to luxurious spa pedicures/manicures we have got your toes, fingers, and nails covered. We use the best nail polishes to provide extended lasting wear! We don't want you to worry about chipping your nails! Nail enhancements available with En Vogue Gel Nails.




Classic Pedicure

$50 • 60 MINUTES

The classic pedicure focuses on giving you a long lasting, natural look. Our beauty experts will pamper your feet with a foot soak, exfoliation, nail care, cuticle care, callous softening, foot & leg massage, and polish application.

Signature Pedicure

$65 • 90 MINUTES

The signature pedicure will leave you feeling refreshed and glamorous. Our beauty experts will perfect your feet with a foot soak, exfoliation, nail care, cuticle care, callus softening, foot & leg massage, paraffin treatment, hand massage, polish application.

Gel Pedicure

$60 • 75 MINUTES

Want longer lasting nail polish? Then we recommend treating yourself to a gel pedicure. Our gel pedicures also include foot soak & exfoliation, nail care, cuticle care, callus softening, gel polish application, and a foot & leg massage.

Mini Pedicure

Mini Pedicure w/ Polish   45 MINUTES • $40

                w/out Polish   30 MINUTES • $35

Don't have a ton of time to spare but your feet need a quick pick me up? Then we can speed you through a mini pedicure that still feels luxurious. 

*Focusing on nail & cuticle care.


Classic Manicure

$40 • 60 MINUTES

Create elegance with our Classic Manicure. This service begins with a warm hand soak, exfoliation, nail shaping, and cuticle treatment. After your nails are gleaming, relax and re-energize with a hand & arm massage.

Gel Manicure

$45 • 75 MINUTES

Treat yourself to the ultimate nail experience with our Gel Manicure.  Our beauty experts take nail artistry to a whole new level. We use the best nail products that ensure long-lasting wear. This service begins with a warm hand soak, cuticle care, buffing, exfoliation, hand & arm massage, and polish application. 

Mini Manicure

Mini Manicure w/ Polish   40 MINUTES • $35

                  w/out Polish   30 MINUTES • $30

Are you in a rush to get the perfect nails? Our beauty experts are here to help with the best mini manicures. Focusing on nail and cuticle care.

Nail Enhancements

$60 • 75 minutes full set

Whether you want to extend the current length of your nails or treat yourself to En Vogue Gel Nails over your natural nails, we will leave you with amazing, durable nails. En Vogue Gel Nails is a high quality gel product that leaves your nails feeling weightless and natural with gel polish over top. 

2 Week Fill   45 minutes • $40

3 Week Fill   60 minutes • $43

Nail Art  15-25 minutes  • $10-$25


Manicure & Pedicure Add Ons

  •  French Polish:  $10
  •  Paraffin Treatment: $12
  •  Gel Polish:  $10
  •  Gel Polish Removal: $20 on it's own       or  $10 with Re-Application.
  •  Rhinestones: $1/toe
  •  Nail Art: $5-$10
  •  Polish Change, Toes: $20
  •  Polish Change, Hands: $15

Ready to Get Perfect Nails

We use Aveda and footlogix products